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I have worked as a professional Italian, English and Spanish translator for over 20 years and I have been enrolled on the Register of Technical Consultants and Experts of the Courthouse of Bologna since 2002. I provide individuals and businesses alike with translation, proofreading, sworn translations and translations certified by the ATA (American Translators Association), in the USA and by the ITI (Institute of Translators and Interpreters) in the UK, as well as legalising documents, and providing quality control services (LQA) and language consulting services.

I graduated in Translation from the Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori di Forlì at the University of Bologna in 1997 and my dissertation was on Chicano (Mexican-Americans) and frontier literature.

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I am currently working on...

Open Project - HR/IT

26/05/2020 - Editing and LQA of a HR-related software localization, Ceridian.

Open Project - Medicine

22/05/2020 Translation from English into Italian of a press release on a trial on the optimal use of Iclusig, Incyte.

Open Project - Tourism

22/05/2020 Translation from English into Italian of the LoungeBuddy, a service sponsored by AmEx.



English and Spanish to Italian translation services.
Translation services for the main international languages by professional colleagues who are native speakers of those languages.


English and Spanish to Italian proofreading and editing service.
Proofreading services for the main international languages by professional colleagues who are native speakers of those languages.

Linguistic Quality Control (LQA)

Linguistic Quality Control (LQA) services for English and Spanish to Italian translations.

Sworn Translations (Bologna Courthouse)

Sworn translation services from and into English and Spanish at the Courthouse of Bologna.

Legalisation (Bologna Public Prosecutor's Office)

Legalisation of sworn translations at the Civil Registry of the Bologna Public Prosecutor.

Translation Test Review and Assessment

Evaluation service for translation tests, including reports on prospective candidates.

Intrepreting (Bologna Public Prosecutor Office)

English and Spanish interpreting for the Bologna Public Prosecutor's Office.

Areas of expertise

During my professional career I have focused on the following areas:

  • IT
  • HR
  • LAW
  • 1995

    Before graduating, I worked for almost a year as a sales executive in an editorial distribution company (Logos Impex srl, Modena).

  • 1997

    After graduation, I worked with friends and university colleagues to create a local translation agency, Albatros Soluzioni Linguistiche, srl (Bologna).

    In the first few years of my professional career, my curiosity and desire to learn about and experience different cultures, and to use the skills I had acquired, led me to combine my work as a translator with teaching Italian.

  • 1998

    I accepted an offer from the head of culture at the Italian Embassy in Quito, Ecuador (Mr. Valerio Giovetti) to work as a volunteer Italian teacher at the Universidad Técnica de Ambato, where I spent one academic year.

  • 1999

    Back to Italy, I worked with the Scuola Dozza (now Istituto Comprensivo 1 di Bologna) organising and teaching literacy courses for foreign students in primary and secondary schools.

    At the same time, I worked with Cultura Italiana Bologna, a private language school with headquarters in Bologna, as an Italian teacher, teaching both individual and group classes.

  • 2000

    I accepted a 6-month post from the University of Bologna (January-June 2000) as an associate professor of Italian at the King Saud University (Riad, Saudi Arabia).

  • 2000-2001

    After my experience in Saudi Arabia, I was selected by the American translation agency ilanguage for its production centre in the Dominican Republic. Although I was initially taken on as a translator, I went on to become a coordinator for Italian language services.

    I later moved to the company's new branch in Costa Rica (San José), where I lived and worked until July 2001.

  • 2001

    Teacher on a two-week intensive Italian course for foreign students at the Johns Hopkins University (SAIS).

  • 2001

    Since autumn 2001 I have been working full time as a freelance translator.

  • 2002

    Enrolled on the Register of Technical Consultants and Experts of the Judge at the Court of Bologna for civil and criminal proceedings. This gave me a deeper understanding of the legal field, as well as leading to greater specialisation in other areas, such as business, marketing, advertising, information technology, HR, law, economics and finance and tourism.

  • 2005

    Temporary Spanish teacher at Istituto Comprensivo n. 6 in Bologna (secondary school).

  • 2011

    I passed the EPSO/CAST/S/1/2011 selection process for contract agents for the European Union in the Italian-Language (IT) Translators category. The cast list has been extended to end of June 2021 (https://epso.europa.eu/successful-candidates/contract-agents-selections-lists_en).

  • 2019

    Temporary Spanish teacher at the Istituto Comprensivo n. 9 in Bologna (secondary school), participating in secondary school examinations.


Volunteer partnerships

Amnesty International

Amnesty International

I volunteer with Amnesty International, translating documents from English and Spanish to Italian.



I occasionally volunteer with TED - Ideas worth spreading, producing English to Italian subtitles.

Translators without Borders

Translators without Borders

I volunteer with Translators Without Borders, translating documents from English and Spanish to Italian.




Translation from English into Italian of legal-related contents.



Translation from English into Italian of UEFA internal and external documents.

Immediapress (ADNKronos)

Immediapress (ADNKronos)

2002-2005 – Real time English into Italian translation of economic and financial press releases.

UNESCO History of Humanity Encyclopaedia

UNESCO History of Humanity Encyclopaedia

2003 – Participation in the translation (texts and subtitles for DVD) from English and Spanish to Italian of the UNESCO History of Humanity Encyclopaedia, published by Planeta De Agostini.

Ronaldo R9 Official Website

Ronaldo R9 Official Website

2002-2005 – Real time English to Italian and Italian to English translation of sports news.

Google Language Lead

Google Language Lead

2004-2005 – Language lead (13 languages) for Google translation projects.

Giordano Bruno

Giordano Bruno

Editing of a series of publications on Giordano Bruno and philosophical themes, written by Angelika Böenker-Vallon.



1997 – English to Italian translation of the monthly magazine Keesing's Record of World Events, edited by Albatros Soluzioni Linguistiche srl and published under the name Eventi by Zanfi Editori.

L’archivio Mitrokhin

L’archivio Mitrokhin

2005 – English to Italian translation of a chapter of L'archivio Mitrokhin I, published by Rizzoli.

La Cotica

La Cotica

2001 – Translation of La Cotica, the official guide produced by the Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism.



2015-2016 – In-country Nike LQA reviewer.



2012-2016 – In-country Apple LQA reviewer.

National Geographic

2005 – Spanish to Italian translation of the Encyclopaedia of Animals (National Geographic) edited by Planeta De Agostini.

Professional Memberships

Sworn Translator at the Courthouse of Bologna (English and Spanish).

ATA (American Translators Association) English into Italian Certified Translator.

ATA (American Translators Association) Spanish into Italian Member.

EPSO/CAST/S/1/2011 - Translators - Italian-Language (IT) Translators: selected as a contract agent in the Italian-Language Translators category for European institutions.

Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) Qualified Member (English and Spanish).

CIOL (Chartered Institute of Linguists) Member (English and Spanish).

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